former Standing Council on Environment and Water

(incorporating the National Environment Protection Council)

National Waste Overview - 2009

Environment Protection and Heritage Council, 2009

The National Waste Overview - 2009 provides a summary of key facts and figures on waste and recycling in Australia, including:

  • waste, resource recovery and recycling
  • national waste generation profile
  • future waste generation
  • per capita recycling and landfill disposal
  • national recycling profile
  • waste composition
  • landfill profile
  • organic wastes
  • social values and behaviour
  • regional, remote and Indigenous communities
  • hazardous substances and hazardous waste
  • product stewardship
  • data and classification.

The overview covers:

  • municipal solid waste (MSW)—household and council waste
  • commercial and industrial waste (C&I)—business, educational institution and government (other than council) waste
  • construction and demolition waste (C&D)—residential, civil and commercial C&D waste but excluding construction waste from owner/occupier renovations, which is included in the municipal waste stream
  • hazardous waste.