former Standing Council on Environment and Water

(incorporating the National Environment Protection Council)

National Waste Policy and Chemicals

On 13 December 2013, COAG replaced its 22 Standing Councils, Select Councils and governance fora with a set of eight Councils and the decision saw the revocation of the Standing Council on Environment and Water. Work is currently underway to resolve how its existing work would be handled in the future. In the interim, this website is currently maintained for historical purposes and is scheduled for archiving.

A new website for the National Environment Protection Council is being developed.


To implement the National Waste Policy and support national Chemical Management Reform


  1. Support business and consumers to appropriately managed end of life products, materials and packaging.
  2. Support waste avoidance, reduction, recovery and re-use by addressing market impediments and removing red tape.
  3. Develop a comprehensive nationally integrated system for the identification, classification, collection, treatment, disposal and monitoring of hazardous substances and waste that aligns with international obligations.
  4. Develop capacity to effectively collect consistent, accurate and meaningful national waste and resource recovery data to inform policy and decisions.

What's currently happening

Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) on options for developing and implementing nationally consistent decisions to manage the environmental risks of industrial chemicals.

Current projects

Key documents

National Waste Policy