former Standing Council on Environment and Water

(incorporating the National Environment Protection Council)

National Environment Protection Council (NEPC)

On 13 December 2013, COAG replaced its 22 Standing Councils, Select Councils and governance fora with a set of eight Councils and the decision saw the revocation of the Standing Council on Environment and Water. Work is currently underway to resolve how its existing work would be handled in the future. In the interim, this website is currently maintained for historical purposes and is scheduled for archiving.

A new website for the National Environment Protection Council is being developed.

The National Environment Protection Council (NEPC), which is established under the National Environment Protection Council Act 1994 (Cth) and mirror legislation in other jurisdictions, continues to operate; fulfilling its legal and governance obligations.

NEPC has two primary functions as established by the NEPC Acts:

  1. to make National Environment Protection Measures (NEPMs)
  2. to assess and report on the implementation and effectiveness of NEPMs in participating jurisdictions.

Key documents

With the strategic focus of the work for the new Council, the work of the previous ministerial council (the Environment Protection and Heritage Council (EPHC)) has been completed or transitioned. Information on EPHC and previous environmental ministerial councils can be found archived in the EPHC archive.

NEPC and NEPCC members

The NEPC Committee (NEPCC) deals exclusively with statutory obligations under NEPC.

Jurisdiction National Environment Protection
Council (NEPC)
National Environment Protection
Council Committee (NEPCC)
Commonwealth The Hon Greg Hunt MP
Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham (Deputy)
Dr Gordon de Brouwer
Mr Malcolm Thompson (Deputy)
New South Wales The Hon Rob Stokes MP Mr Barry Buffier
Mr Mark Gifford (Deputy)
Victoria The Hon Ryan Smith MP
The Hon Matthew Guy MP (Deputy)
Mr John Merritt
Mr Adam Fennessy (Deputy)
Mr Paul Smith (Deputy)
Queensland The Honourable Andrew Powell MP
The Honourable Andrew Cripps MP (Deputy member)
The Honourable Mark McArdle MP (Deputy member)
Mr Tony Roberts
South Australia The Hon Ian Hunter MP Dr Campbell Gemmell
Mr Tony Circelli (Deputy)
Western Australia The Hon Albert Jacob MLA TBA
Tasmania The Hon Brian Wightman MP Mr Alex Schaap
Australian Capital Territory Mr Simon Corbell MLA TBA
Mr Daniel Walters (Deputy)
Northern Territory The Hon Peter Chandler MLA
The Hon Willem Westre Van Holthe MLA (Deputy)
Dr William Freeland
Mr Rod Applegate
New Zealand n/a  
Australian Local
Government Association